The versatility of our unique products will see its use in many projects, both structural and defensive. Because of our range and flexibility of products, the bag system can be used in many ways and within many industries. Whether it’s short term or long term, fast track or programmed or even simply a low-cost structure that is required, UKFlood Defences can provide a bespoke solution.

Our products versatility is a core strength as its application can be used within many industries. Originally it was designed as a flood defence system but can be used in small or large infrastructure projects, Civil and utility projects or as barrier protection in military and aid situations protecting personnel, equipment and machinery.

Quick Wall High 

The Quick Wall High barrier system has been used extensively for major civil engineering projects where total waterproofing is required over sustained periods of time to allow works to proceed uninterrupted and ensure stability and safety of structures under construction.

Bridge & Railway Track Improvements

The flat area surrounding this bridge and railway line frequently floods up to 1 metre depth. A 3000 metre Quick Wall High barrier was installed for 3 years to isolate and protect the works from frequent flooding.

Temporary Dam for Bridge Repairs

Quick Wall High barrier is placed in the river around the bridge stanchion to be repaired. Frogman (wearing yellow hard hat) shows depth of water.

Quick Wall High Barrier is formed by stacking individual bag units pyramid fashion underwater. Barrier in excess of 2 metres high (above.)

Water is pumped from inside the barrier back into the river to leave work area around stanchion dry.

Create artifical river bank/ dam

Temporary artificial river bank created to protect work along a 500 metre x 2 meter length of bank whilst new permanent banks built outside Quick Wall High barrier (above.)

Dry working area inside Quick Wall High. Note stacked and linked units to create extra height (above.)

View from bridge over temporary Quick Wall High barrier and permanent bank works.

Additional Major Infrastructure projects protected by Quick Wall High

  • Telekom - Germany - Protection of Telekom buildings -invested in quick reaction teams with stock and equipment and committed 24 contractors regionally to build QWH when flooding imminent
  • Hamburg Port Authority - Temporary damming whilst new dock built. Water levels up to 2 metre
  • EON - Flood protection for nuclear power plant
  • Gebrüder Kemmer (construction) - Temporary walling of river whilst new banking and walling completed plus - used to dam a lake whilst repairs carried out, draining one side and then the other 
  • Maschinenbau Oppenweiler (printing company) - Premises based by river. Protection from flooding by ring-fencing site with 450 metres by 1 to 2 metres barrier
  • Rump & Salzmann – Gipswerk (gypsum plant) - Site protected by over 500m of temporary defence
  • Christian Pontiggia Tief- und Straßenbau GmbH (construction) - Used to protect a building area 300m length, 1m high
  • Sonntag Baugesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG (construction) - Protection with 150 meter length and 1m high
  • St.Alu Westmecklenburg (East Germany) - Protect vulnerable areas. 100m 1m high

  • Quick Wall Surface installed to form a cofferdam on a project with German firefighters
  • Quick Wall High and Quick Wall Mini bags used as temporary barrier 2.3 metres high (QWM was placed on top for additional protection) whilst permanent retaining wall was being built in Norfolk.
  • Quick Wall High bags being used by GPC Cumbria to provide a temporary closure to a Sea Defence embankment on the Dong Energy Race Bank Offshore Windfarm. The Sea Defence embankment has been breached as part of the ongoing works to enable the landing of the 2 x high voltage subsea cables to shore.

  • Quick Wall High (1.4m) being used at a Hydro Dam in Germany (4m high using divers to set and build up) and below protective sea defence wall whilst new cables are laid for offshore windfarm barriers, moved away daily whlist works are carried out and reset in place at incoming tide/ strong current.
  • Nick Fraser - Redcard & Cleveland Council
    "We ordered the Quick Wall Minisack following a flood awareness event I held in the borough that UK Flood Defences Ltd attended, they were initially purchased as an alternative to traditional sandbags as they are waterproof, link together to give a less permeable barrier and give 300mm of protection without having to stack them.

    Our first use for them was during the flooding in January this year, surface water was flooding from fields through the ballast on the rail-lines and flooding properties opposite, flowing along the ballast like a dry river and flooding properties approx. 0.5 mile away. They are still in place, as there has been frequent flooding at this location since January. The attached photos show them in place to retain water in the field on the night, and as they were in March, we have left a gap to allow water to get into the ballast drain visible in the last two photos. Because they can be linked together easily, when it floods the residents are able to monitor the situation and put the spare bags which are visible in the last photo in the gap and stop the flow.

    This would have been more difficult with standard sandbags and would have either rotted away by now or would fall apart if we tried to move them.

    Some of the other benefits we found are that because they have internal supports they do not distort and for the last 5 months they have been regularly used as a walkway with no loss of performance. Where they were used as a temporary barrier across a road, because they are 300mm high no one drove over them like they did with the standard sandbags that were deployed first."

  • Quick Wall High used to protect local substation from flood risk whilst permanent works undertaken. Quick Wall High is increasingly used for coffer dams, coast and river defence, temporary reservoirs, ring fencing assets, high water depth protection (up to 6m when stacked in a pyramid formation.) Fast water flows diversion away from essential services, roads, infracstructure etc.



  • Quick Wall High bags being used at Chambers Wharf site, Tower Bridge. . Our flood defence bags were placed on an existing RC jetty deck supported on RC piles. A section of the jetty witin the bags was demolished.

Quick Wall High 3m High - South Germany


  • Quick Wall High being used at locks in South Germany stacked to 3m high whilst building works were underway