Quick wall surface (ideal for surface water flooding)

Quick wall surface

Quick wall surface is designed for surface water flooding of up to 1.4 meters. The system has been developed largely for flash flooding or where there is imminent low level flooding and to divert water away to safe areas.

This water product, available in 5-meter runs, is extendable to any distance with its clever linking technology, is of robust high quality material, waterproof and reusable. The bags can be first filled with air through a special linking unit and then with water. Dependent on water pressure it takes less than a minute a meter to set in place and is deal for any area where low level flooding could be an issue and can provide an envelope of protection around a whole site.

Technical Information

With most flood issues relating to surface water flooding, our innovative 1.4 meter high water fill surface protection system can quickly be set in place at a pace of 1 minute per meter run and will link over any distance to protect property and essential services from up to 1 metre of surface water flooding safely directing water away to designated areas. The special shape, design, the high number of water chambers and the four layers of waterproof fabric provide stability and strength.

Each 5m is composed of 1 outer bag with 10 connected chambers. In each chamber, is an internal bag made of PP waterproof fabric with a liner made of PE film. These internal bags are fixed by Velcro and can be replaced within a short period of time.

Each 5m element is waterproof connected or extended via a special velcro system to the next 5m element. The chambers can be individually filled with water or simultaneously with a filling system with the lengths of 5m, 10m, 15m or 20m. The system of 10m length can be filled via a pump pressure with 2.5 bar within 9-13 minutes.

The bags can be filled by either a main fire hydrant or a suitable mobile pump to meet bar pressure.

Can take advertising and sponsorship to reduce cost ?To achieve this maximum height from flooding, our sandbags can be used for anchorage and extra stability.

Benefits of the Quickwall Surface – water fill system:

  • Affordable
  • Easy to Fill with 1 person and therefore can also be ?used for private households
  • High security through separate water chambers and ?4 layers of fabric
  • Small packing dimensions
  • Reusable
  • Economically friendly
  • Cost Effective
  • High stability and protection against water seepage
  • For surface water flooding conditions of up to 1.4 metres high