Quick wall crunch

Quick wall Crunch

Quick wall crunch is a new crash barrier product produced for  German races introduced by UK Flood Defences. The barriers are filled with air and can be quickly erected with innovative filler technology. The bags are 1.4m meters high and available in 5-meter runs and have individual cells that can be replaced if damaged. Cover sheets can be made available to carry advertising and sponsorship.

These bags can also be filled with water and be used for traffic control, livestock streaming and other purposes.

If every racetrack in the UK used our crash barrier system it would reduce injury and death to riders taking part in racing events. Germany recently hosted the biggest street motorbike race using our crash barrier system, the product has been a proven success at this race four racers crashed into our barriers and walked away from the crash without injury unfortunately and sadly a young rider aged 22 crashed into the hay bale barrier and later died In hospital from his injury's.

The track organizers only used 400 meters of our crash barrier system if they had used our system at the high risk areas where the hay bales was being used maybe this tragic accident could have been prevented.

This is a proven product that saves lives and prevents injury.

Technical Information?

  1. Our barrier system comes in 2 sizes 1.4 meters high and 2 meters high.
  2. Our barrier system comes in ten meter runs.
  3. These bags are filled with air and comes in 1.4 by 500mm section inside the main bag.?
  4. It takes 5 minutes to fill a ten meter section.?
  5. If crashed into and a bag is damaged you can replace each 1.4 by 500mm section, and once a new one is put back in place it takes around 3 seconds to fill this with air.?
  6. This product can be filled with either air or water.
  7. We also supply a cover sheet witch is a good point for advertisement this is fixed onto front of bags


  1. You will need how ever many meters of a crash barrier system to make your track safe in the high-risk areas?
  2. You will need our air and water filling system.?
  3. You will also need a air compressor?
  4. Once you have that all in place it will only take two men one day to set up a whole track.?
  5. This is the most fastest most effective crash barrier system on the market.