Even before the winter of 2014 the Arch Construction team had been searching for one single solution which would be effective in most situations where construction and engineering projects were disrupted and delayed by flowing or standing floodwater for many months. 

The floods which hit the Thames valley and Somerset in the UK for several weeks was our wake-up call to source a product which would work when floods threatened our projects. In common with other businesses (and householders) we decided we had to make contingency plans for future events rather than try to 'cope' when the water turned up on our doorstep.

Floods not only threaten critical damage to projects and property, but can create havoc in project timelines with the accompanying costs. This can significantly affect funding, budgets and deliverables particularly on large projects. Floodwater can create additional hazards for construction workers. Sewage, toxic chemicals and animal carcasses add the need for workforce protection against contact with floodwater in a worksite.

The winter of 2014 also brought untold misery to many householders who saw their homes flooded and damaged so badly that many will not be able to return within the year, if at all. Homes which had never been flooded before, were overcome and owners warned that this might be the norm for the future. We realised that our barriers won't differentiate between business/civil and private properties and made the decision to make them available 
We went to Somerset with bags, sand and crew to do what we could to help. It was a day we won't forget in a hurry. Read about Somerset..

We hope the two solutions we commissioned for our own peace of mind will prove to be a more permanent contribution to flood protection for other businesses, householders and those whose responsibility it is to protect the public from the impact of extreme weather events.

Our products provide innovative, cost effective, sustainable solutions to members of the public, businesses, councils, housing associations and Environment agencies both in the UK and worldwide. Our solutions are robust and offer a rapid response based barrier protection to areas of imminent flooding, road and defence that are designed to avert the danger to life, damage to infrastructure and equipment.

Our business is passionate about the solutions it develops and the ever changing needs of its growing customer base. The team through its strategic partnerships has created innovate additions to the ‘big bag’ suite of products. The products can be used as flexible crash barriers and used in military and defence situations, providing defence barriers that are easily deployable and filled with sand, air, water and other readily available materials with minimal man power.

UK Flood Defences Ltd is a new, progressive company based in the South East providing innovative, cost effective flood and barrier solutions which are as effective at individual property level as they are to commercial and large scale infrastructure projects.

Based in Essex and having seen the devastation caused by flooding, the company decided to develop a company that focuses on sourcing and installing cost effective, sustainable, innovative flood protection products.