It was heart-breaking to see so many beloved homes deserted or destroyed during the recent floods. Many householders living on flood plains or low-lying areas are  facing very large insurance excesses in preference to moving to new areas. On top of the fear of further financial loss many homeowners have to face the constant anxiety of further worsening of their flood risk as extreme weather events increase in frequency.

Since our flood bags can be stored easily when not in use, they may well represent a good investment for individual homeowners both in securing their homes against further damage, but also reducing or even eliminating financial risk.

Communities which have collaborated to take flood resilience and prevention measures, but have been prevented or delayed from undertaking construction works because of planning laws may want to consider the possibility of using semi-permanent barriers such as ours in the meantime, or as an alternative to very expensive civil engineering works. Surrounding w hole community of houses is a less expensive investment than taking measures as an individual.

We are happy to provide advice to civil/flood engineers, surveyors or construction companies who have been brought in to advise.